Father thank you Lord for not condemning us. Thank you Lord for not giving us the punishment we so justly deserve. Thank you Lord that when we mess up Father we can come to you boldly and asks for forgiveness of all our sins. Thank you Lord for washing our sins away with your blood. Thank you Lord for throwing our sins in the sea of forgetfulness and never bringing them up ever again. Thank you Lord for receiving us back into the sheepfold Lord when we repent and make everything alright with you. You are the Living God (Yahweh). Your Son, Jesus Christ, is the risen Savior. Father let people receive the payment for sin you so graciously give us. Father let people know that their captivity in sin is over. Sin has no hold. Sin has no power over you. The chains of sin and bondage are broken when we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior of our life. Live your life free today from the devil. Lord we rebuke the devil in Jesus name and pray for the deliverance of your people. Amen.


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