Father I thank you for the opportunity of coming to your throne room

to make my requests and petitions known. I come Lord knowing that you know what I

need even before I ask. Also I know Lord that if I delight myself in the Lord you will give

me the desires of  my heart.  My desire  LORD is your desire. It is your desire to see

people saved. Father I pray Lord that stumbling blocks are removed. I pray

Lord that people get to know you through your Word and not through the opinion of

people. There are those Lord who claim to know you but really do not. Father there

people in your church in leadership roles who do not know you.

Father there are pastors that do not you, deacons do not

know you, choir members do not know you, missionaries do not know you. How are we

going to tell people about Jesus but do not know the man. Father let the church

in America rise up. Father bring back honor to the church. Father let us learn

to honor your Son. How are we going to get people to the church when we do not

honor His Son. Jesus is the way to the Father. We must believe His Word. We must

realize that He is King, that He is the Messiah, that He is the Christ that the bible

speaks to us about. We must believe, confess with our mouths and be willing to tell

others. Philosophy can not save us. People’s opinions can not save us. Scientists do

not have saving power. Only Jesus saves. Believe this today. Plant this word in your heart.

Father if people have been hurt by pastors or church people who thought they

were doing right but actually were doing wrong, let forgiveness come into their heart.

Let them know that God loves them and that He has paid for their sin with the blood

of His dear Son Jesus. God will forgives us for every sin except blasphemy against

the Holy Ghost. Father I pray let the lost know that they need Jesus. Jesus is the way, the

truth, and the life (John 14:6). In Him life is more abundant.  Father I pray let them receive

Jesus today. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!


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