Heavenly Father we come together boldly before your throne in Jesus name today. Father help us to be pleasing in your sight and help us to be in agreement for what you desire to accomplish in the earth realm. Father I pray help us to love as you have commanded us. Lord people seem to know just the right buttons to irritate us and make us angry. Father help us to pick up on those signals of when someone is being cunning and conniving and to put a stop to their trickery. The devil thinks he is smart but we know our God is smarter. Help us Lord not to get annoyed but to continue with your godly agenda for the people of God. Father let the people of God not waver or doubt what you have in store for your people. Father I pray bring clarity to those who have run into underhanded schemes of the enemy. Let the enemy be uncovered and exposed in its deception to the Christian people. Anything that is not like Jesus in the sheepfold let it be known. Wolves in sheep clothing Lord, let them be exposed; hidden plots let them be exposed, all craftiness and guile be exposed and stopped in Jesus name. Amen!!!!!!!


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