I ask all those who can and will to partner with me in this ministry. The work of Christ must continue. Jesus has left the task of evangelizing and letting the world know about this wonderful gospel to believers and converts of Jesus Christ. Let us partner together through scripture, prayer, praise and worship. Let us fellowship with one another through this website. It is my desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people all over the world through this website. Salvation is a gift freely given but it is not cheap. It is the most expensive gift you will ever receive. Salvation is a free gift paid by Jesus Christ, God’s (Yahweh’s) Son. HE paid a very expensive price for sin so that we didn’t have to. Yet we have some who refuse this beautiful gift and continue to walk blindly in sin and death. Let those who truly love the Lord continue to bring the words of eternal life to the lost so that they may one day receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let those who believe in Jesus death, burial, resurrection partner with me on this page. I am non denominational and welcome those who have a hunger and thirst for the desires of God to be fulfilled. Please,  want you partner with me. Give this website to family, friends, church members, clergy, pastors, apostles, prophets, bible teachers, evangelists, missionaries, believers, and nonbelievers. Thank you for supporting me in spreading the gospel locally, nationally, and internationally.

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